ーRecommendation ー

For associations, groups, sole proprietors, and other customers who have never had a website before, we offer website development services on behalf of customers around the world who want to create a website “casually” and “reasonably”.

By having a website, we support business development in Japan.

The 100$(USD) plan is especially recommended for customers who want to try it out on a trial basis at a low cost.

※In some cases, services cannot be provided in certain countries or districts. Please feel free to contact us.

ーService Featuresー


Monthly running costs are also important to maintain a website for a long time. This service supports biz or Priv, which cannot allocate much budget for advertising expenses.


We use WordPress to create the site, so it takes less time and is less expensive. We can respond to more requests because we have a wide variety of themes and plug-ins and are highly scalable.


It is easy to operate and anyone can update it. At the time of handover, we will tell you how to operate the system, starting with how to log in. Customers can manage and update their own information anytime they want.


Simple Homepage in Japanese (One Page)
Advertisement Banner
Sub Domain Name
Hosting support ( First Year Free)
Responsive Website
Simple SEO(Search engine optimization) in Japan

SSL(Secure Socket Layer)
Email Address
No Transferble Email
Powerd by D&R LLC JAPAN
1 year


Simple Homepage in Japanese (One Page)
Simple Contact Form
Privacy Policy Template
Domain Name supporst(Extra Cost)
Email Address
Transferble Email
Simple Auto mated Reply Email – Message in Japanese
Simple SEO(Search engine optimization) in Japan

Spam Blacklists Virus Block
SSL(Secure Socket Layer)
Google Map
SNS Buttons
No Powerd by, No Advertisement Banner
Responsive Website
1 year


Please let us know the website you are referring to in the "Contact Us" form below. We will check the site and let you know whether or not we can accept your request. We may not be able to meet your request in some cases, but please feel free to contact us.

We use a template (default) to provide a reasonable price. If you are particular about the details of the design, we are unable to accommodate you.
Also, colors and fonts (typefaces) are also handled by default, so we ask that you take care of them yourself after handover and delivery (handoff).

The site We create is in Japanese. For multilingual sites, an additional fee will be charged.

We ask that you update information and manage the website yourself. We will respond to any concerns you may have at the time of handover or upon inquiry. If you would like us to manage and update the website at your request, there will be a separate fee for this service.

It is possible to communication. As a rule, we ask that you communicate with us via email inEnglsih or online conference software (Teams, ZOOM, Google Meeting) in Japanese or Chinese, as we offer this service at a reasonable price.

If any of the following apply

(1) Customers who are unable to update the website due to their own or the website manager's busy schedule.

(2) Customers who require elaborate or detailed designs and colors.

(3) In the case of the 100USD plan, you will be charged for the Hosting server from the second year, so you will need to renew or transfer to another company hosting server  by yourself.

In addition, customers will be charged for the acquisition and maintenance of their own domain name.


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